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Our Services

As the strategic decision maker in a multinational enterprise you may be looking to enter the German market or to expand your market share in Europe through mergers and acquisitions. Perhaps you are considering – as part of your active portfolio management - a divesting of certain enterprises or business segments, or strengthening them by means of domestic or overseas acquisitions?  Perhaps you are looking to accrue equity and expand your business by attracting an investment company or high-net-worth individual as a financial partner? Or perhaps, as the owner of a medium-sized enterprise, you are looking for an agreeable succession arrangement?

In these and similar situations we can offer you professional advice and support as exclusive and highly experienced consultants in the specialized mergers and acquisitions sector:

Acquiring or purchasing a stake in an enterprise:

  • Joint definition of the acquisition- objectives and –criteria
  • Fundamental analysis of the target market (volume, competition, market shares, market chances, etc.)
  • Identifying attractive takeover-targets
  • Confidential contact to the relevant decision- makers
  • Due diligence
  • Detailed object analysis
  • Qualified advice in the takeover negotiations
  • Post-merger- support and integration management

Selling an enterprise or acquiring a partner:

  • Joint definition of the sales strategy
  • Analytical preparation (verifying vendability, corporate evaluation, information memorandum)
  • Identifying potential targets (industrial and financial partners) on a global scale
  • Confidential approach at senior management level
  • Qualified advice in the sales negotiations